An Insider Guide To Face Toners For Clogged Pores


When it comes to toner, maybe the first thing that comes to your mind is what a face toner does. Toners are a great way to maintain a clean and healthy-looking skin naturally from the inside. Traditionally, the idea of using a toner was just limited to maintain the skin’s pH level. Today it is totally different and there is more to it than just balancing the natural pH level of your skin. In fact, Australian beauty products including toners are made to make sure that your skin remains healthy, no matter the type or texture.

In warmer months, a toner will be your lifesaver as it can fight breakouts that could be caused due to excessive sweat, clogged dirt or sunblock. Some women have oily skin during summer, and for them using a toner is just what makes sense.

Even if you are concerned about the acne-prone skin that you have, nothing can be a better option than a face toner. Using a toner helps you to restore the skin’s natural pH balance, bringing in clarity. You just need to make sure that you are applying toner every day to get rid of impurities, fighting off the clogged pores.

How a face toner works?

To put it simply, toners help cleanse your skin and works to make sure that all the dirt has been washed off, be it the makeup, or oil, or even dead skin cells. Just wipe off the residue with a cotton ball soaked in a toner.

Here is what a toner does to your skin:

  • Lessens the appearance of large pores: Using a toner is helpful as it helps cleanse your skin from the inside. If you apply a toner daily, that means there is no room left for dirt or oil that could be causing your skin acne, infection or any other skin irritation.
  • Protects your body’s skin too: Toners are not something that can be used only on your face. You can wipe off the extra oil from the neck, shoulder or even chest.
  • Helps restore the natural pH balance: It is important for the barrier of your skin to keep the skin stay moisturized, apart from preventing the entry of harmful bacteria and germs. This is where a toner comes in the picture. Using a toner helps to keep your skin’s natural pH level balanced while keeping it moisturized.

Choosing the right toner is important:

Toners have been around for a while now and have gone through a never-ending evolution to address the variety of skin concerns of women worldwide. If you are choosing the right type of toner, that means you are ensuring better skin. At Essential Oils with Susana, you would find a range of skincare products including toners. If your main concern is clogged pores and acne, make sure that you invest in the right kind of toner that suits your skin, eliminating the risks of occurring acne and blemishes.