Choose Face Cream that Suits Your Skin the Best


One can find several variants of face creams to address varying skincare needs. Such creams often minimize wrinkles, help lighten or minimize age spots, provide sunscreen protection, and moisturize. To select the best doterra face cream for you, you need to consider the purpose for which you are buying and using it.

It is essential to know what you hope to achieve in using the cream before buying. You have to remember that there is always a matching skincare product for every specific skincare need. You cannot just swap one for another with the hope that it will give the same effect. Being well-informed can be helpful to choose the right skin care product.

Choose the Best Face Cream

Once you have discovered what you need, your next step is to know about the ingredients used to make the product. You must always avoid ingredients harmful to your skin and ensure some ingredients are beneficial. This is a rule of thumb that will guide you all the way through.

Some of the ingredients you have to steer clear of are mineral oil, fragrances and alcohols, as they are said to do more harm than good. Mineral oil, for example, clogs up pores. Hence, they prevent proper skin breathing and may lead to acne outbreaks, while alcohols can sometimes be irritating. At the same time, they can remove the skin’s natural acid covering, which helps prevent microorganisms like viruses and bacteria.

You must make sure that your doterra face cream has the necessary ingredients like antioxidants and those that stimulate your collagen and elastin growth. Antioxidants counter the effects of free radicals that may cause damage to the skin. At the same time, collagen and elastin are natural skin components that provide elasticity and prevent wrinkle formation.

Anti-aging Face Cream

Looking for the best anti-aging face cream that suits your skin type? You should first know your skin’s specific need. If you are still in your mid-30’s and those fine lines are not yet visible, go for a preventive anti-aging face cream. But if you already see wrinkles appearing on your face, go for anti-wrinkle treatment.

Anti-aging face creams prevent skin discolorations brought by the aging process. Furthermore, it slows down the breakdown of collagen that is responsible for maintaining the skin’s elasticity. Ensure that your chosen cream contains antioxidants, vitamin A and E, sunscreens, hydroxy acids and peptides. These are the main preventive ingredients to keep those age evidence from coming into sight.

Essential Ingredients

Do not get fooled by the products that say on their labels that they contain collagen and elastin. Whether they contain these substances or not is not the issue, but you need to know that your skin cannot absorb them.

What you need is a face cream that contains substances that stimulate the growth of your collagen and elastin to help promote skin firmness and elasticity. Without these substances, putting collagen and elastin in whatever amounts on your skin will be fruitless. Get the best essential oils in Australia from Essential oil with Susana.