Ensure Your Choice of Essential Oils for Skin will Keeps You Moisturised – A Guide


With the global pandemic still quite strong, various changes have happened in life. One such change is the frequency with which people are washing their hands with soap and water. In their attempts to keep the virus and germs at bay, they are sacrificing the moisture of their skin. Repeated use of soap and water can rob your hands of their natural moisture, making them dry and flaky. This is a situation where Essential oils for skin can help.

Some interesting facts on the subject

When someone talks about essential oils for skin, there is no reason to think that they are indicating putting these oils directly on the skin. Essential oils are made from flowers and other parts of various plants. In its raw form, the undiluted essential oil is not fit for direct use, especially in a large quantity. Yes, the amount required for keeping your hands moisturised may not seem much, but they will be more than a few drops of the recommended dose.

Proper use of the essential oils

This is why; instead of applying any essential oil directly on the skin, it will be better to mix the oil in some salve and then use it. You can buy any of the myriads of skin creams available in the market. Amongst these available options, there are some which come with essential oils, but it is still better to make your own. If you are wondering about treating your dry skin while keeping all the harsh and harmful chemicals away, it is best you go the DIY way.

Benefits of making the salve from scratch

If you get the cream or lotion or balm made from scratch, the expense will be less, while the quality of the product will be the very best that could be. For instance, you can use ingredients like beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, vitamin E oil and such. Along with all these elements, you will have to add some essential oil of your choice and your balm will be ready. As the products will be bought separately, you can easily make a batch and experiment with different essential oils.

An in-depth understanding of essential oils

As it is well-known, different essential oils have different qualities and effects, you can experiment with outcomes like soothing, moisturising, softer and suppler skin and so on. Before buying the required essential oils, though, it will be better to gather information on their effects. This way; you can choose the best oils for the task because otherwise, the balm you have made won’t be of any help whatsoever. For instance, you need a lotion which will keep your hands soft and moisturised, they do not need to have natural glow promised by the regular beauty creams and other such lotions.

Creating your salve is always better

The best part of this decision will be, you will be using pure products which will reduce your chance of absorbing harmful chemicals. Some research on how to combine these ingredients to create the balm will be required. It will make the process easier and the final product much more suitable for your needs.