Essential Oils and Emotional Balance-How Both Are Connected


Winter is considered as the time for inner hibernation. Our inner life looks for natural calmness, the plants grow slow and the soil gets the chance to rest and be repair ready for the warmer months to come. This season features winter blues and melancholy. To get rid of gloomy weather and mood fluctuations, people can use the essential oils that have properties to uplift and balance the mood. You can buy doterra essential oils in Australia from Essential oil with Susana, one of the leading providers of essential oils. This brand provides high-quality essential oils and aromatherapy products for businesses and homes.

How to Use Essential Oil to Promote Mental Balance

At first, you should use the essential oil that has the desired properties and then put the oil in the bottle. Inhale the scent for few minutes to boost up your mood. The oils that will smell divine and delicious are fit for this function. To know various essential oil usages, you can check out the blogs online.

Check Out the Recommendations

To reduce anger and irritability-

  1. You can use chamomile. It has anti-inflammatory characteristics. It is gentle and sedating in nature. This oil is perfect for the kids and adults both
  2. Mandarin is also sedating citrus oil. This oil can be used to manage the tantrums and mood swings of kids.
  3. Lavender and Bergamot are also useful to manage mood swings. They have anti-depressant properties.

To Reduce Restlessness and Anxiety-

  1. Ylang Ylang is the best tonic for the heart. This oil helps to reduce the fast heart rate during anxiety attacks.
  2. Frankincense enhances meditative benefits and slows down the breathing rate.
  3. Lavender and Geranium are also used as the balancing oil and they help to slow down the nervous system and help people in times of anxiety.

To Reduce Stress and Emotional Troubles

  1. Lavender oil helps sedate and calm the mind
  2. Cedarwood is the grounding oil that keeps the mind calm and makes the mind free from stress
  3. Neroli is the restorative oil and it is used during the stress and shock situations
  4. May Chang is considered as the cheerful essential oil which helps in emotional broke out.

The benefits of the essential oils increase when the person realizes and starts to love the aroma. During difficult times, you can choose your favorite essential oil that suits your requirements.

How You Can Use the Essential Oil

There are various ways to use essential oils. You can have the deep inhalations directly from the essential oil bottle. It is a quick fix and you can use it when you are at your work, in the car or any time during emergencies. You can also make use of the diffuser blend that allows unwanted emotions to shoot out. You can also use your personalized blend of essential oil and use it as the perfume. You can also mix your favorite aroma with the essential oil to get the perfect fragrance.

Essential oil with Susana provides various types of essential oils to the customers. These essential oils promote wellness and health to the loved ones.