Experts Recommendations on Choosing and Using Essential Oils in Our Daily Lives


The choice of essential oils should always depend on the purpose of its use. Whether you want to buy essential oils to elevate your moods or treat different health conditions, one must know its usage before buying from a shop. For instance, the essential oils of chamomile, lavender, and basil are generally known for their calming effect and help people with anxiety. Peppermint and bergamot oils are known for helping people suffering from conditions of depression. Hence, it is important to talk to people who have been using essential oils for a long time and do extensive research before choosing an essential oil from the market. Experts also recommend people to read books on aromatherapy. There are several books available online, and you will easily find one that matches your needs.

How to use essential oils?

While you are searching for the best essential oil diffuser in Australia, it is also wise to know about the various uses. We need to understand that essential oil enters our body by inhaling, ingested, or when applied to the skin. Also, there are different application methods within each of these ways to benefit from the oil. One can apply the oils topically by using compresses, baths, sprays, or even massage them into the skin.

How to choose a method for applying essential oils?

One must understand that the application method is entirely dependent on the desired effect and the oil chosen. There are many essential oils, some of which are irritating for the skin due to the oil’s chemistry. Hence, it may require more dilution or used via inhalation. Also, the application method is reliant on the condition which needs to be treated. Mood effects are best administered by inhalation or topical application.

However, if you are not sure which applying method is right for your condition, make sure to ask a specialist before coming into any conclusion.

How to inhale essential oils?

Essential oils are placed in a diffuser with water or with heat so that they evaporate and spread the fragrance. Also, remember to read the directions before adding water to the oil. It is an excellent method of spreading the fragrance of essential oil in a room. Many use lavender essential oils for relaxation purposes during yoga sessions. It should be noted that essential oil should not be directly burned because it changes the oil’s chemical composition.

Drops of this oil are also put on a cotton ball and allowed to evaporate. For an intense dose, one can take a sniff of the cotton ball to have an immediate effect. On the other hand, to enjoy a milder effect, one must keep the cotton ball close to the body like on the desk or near the computer to have the desired effect.

The other method is where drops of oil are put in a bowl of hot water. It makes the oil vaporize quickly, so you need to put a towel over your head and the bowl and breathe deeply. Make sure to keep your eyes closed during this application process.

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