Have You Incorporated Essential Oils in Your Skincare Routine Yet?


Wrinkles are visible signs of aging that add years to your face. Saggy skin, dull skin, age spots also reveal your skin age. It is vital that you understand to take care of the skin following the right steps.

Maintaining a skincare regime helps your skin to look healthy. If your skin is facing aging issues, make sure that you take good care of it. This is where essential oils come at your rescue. These days, most women use essential oils for skin. The use of essential oils has been noted for thousands of years, owing to their health and medicinal properties.

Apart from this, essential oils for skin in Australia are known to give your skin nourishment it asks for. They are meant to keep your skin healthy from the inside.

Do you use essential oils yet?

Essential oils fight ageing signs, cutting the risks from its source. They are meant to help keep your skin’s elasticity by boosting the natural production of collagen. If you are not using essential oils for a healthy-looking skin yet, it is time to rethink about it.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are extracted from plants with medicinal benefits. They are in highly concentrated form and must be used with a suitable carrier oil while being applied on the skin. They have the essence of the plant along with unique chemical properties that are all-natural and safe for your skin.

Owing to their unique medicinal & health benefits and unique chemical properties, their use in herbal medicine has been long known. Not to mention essential oils are known for wide application in aromatherapy.

Can you use essential oils on your skin?

There are essential oils that are exclusively meant for applying to skin. However, they must be diluted in a carrier oil because of their highly concentrated strong nature. If you choose to use it undiluted, they can cause irritation to your skin.

Rules for using these oils

Apply them diluted

They must be diluted in the right carrier oil before applying to the skin. Before you choose to use them, make sure that you consult a physician about the ratio of the dilution.

Do a patch test

A patch test is helpful in ensuring your skin does not react adversely to the essential oil. Apply the oil to your inner forearm to check whether it reacts badly.

Consult your physician

Not all essential oils are meant for use on the skin. Some can make your skin more vulnerable to those harmful UV rays. This is why it is best to talk to your physician to know what suits your skin best. Because you certainly do not want sunburnt skin or premature aging.

There are various essential oils available on the market that claim to keep your skin from aging. Choose the right one according to your skin needs. They are known for giving excellent results to its users.