Having Breathing Issues- These 5 Essential Oils You Must Try


The essential oils are highly effective as they have lots of health benefits. Nowadays, 7 out of 10 people suffer from breathing issues and the percentage is increasing at an alarming rate due to the poor air quality around. The increased pollution level leads to the accumulation of more contaminants in the air. Hence, those who already suffer from respiratory problems find it difficult to manage with this ever-growing worse situation. In this scenario, the essential oils are proved to be highly beneficial having lots of therapeutic benefits. For better accessibility, you can use Essential oil diffuser from Australia. Trusted supplier like Essential Oil with Susana provides many varieties of pure essential oils along with diffusers.

Read The Post Below To Know About The 5 Types Of Essential Oils And How They Are Useful To Combat Breathing Issues.

1.Eucalyptus Essential Oil

It is one of the most common essential oil varieties available in the market. It is highly effective in treating breathing issues. It has an anti-inflammatory feature that helps in minimizing the symptoms leading to bronchitis or other respiratory problems. This oil not only reduces the symptoms but also helps in reducing the adverse effects caused due to these symptoms. The eucalyptus essential oil has powerful antimicrobial properties that protect your body from bacteria and virus attack. This oil also helps in stimulating the cold receptors present inside the nose. It further improves nasal airflow, reducing breathing issues.

2.Ginger Essential Oil

Another essential oil that is used to combat breathing troubles is the ginger essential oil. It helps in reducing the airway constriction and facilitates better airflow through the nasal passage. When you have an asthma attack, you can use the ginger essential oil to clear the nasal passage and help you to breathe easier. You can get essential oils from a supplier like Essential Oil with Susana.

Additionally, the ginger essential oil has the anti-inflammatory feature that reduces the symptoms when you suffer from common cold and flu. It is also useful as stimulating and mind calming oil.

3.Tea Tree Essential Oil

It is also a common variety of essential oil to reduce your breathing issues. It acts as the expectorant that removes the mucus from the nasal passage. Dissolving the mucus from the passage improves breathing and reduces coughing. The tea tree essential oil is also helpful when you suffer from bronchitis. However, it is not recommended to use the oil directly on the skin. You can use oil diffusers. If you are looking for durable essential oil diffuser in Australia, you can get from reliable suppliers.

4.Peppermint Essential Oil

If you are having the asthma attack, using the peppermint oil can help you to reduce the symptoms. This particular oil has an anti-inflammatory effect that helps in smoothens the bronchial muscles at the time of an asthma attack. This oil also has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that help in reducing the adverse effects associated with respiratory troubles. If you have a cold and fever, you can try this essential oil.

5.Frankincense Essential Oil

This essential oil is used for ages to treat various ailments and health conditions. This essential oil help to cure ailments associated with the respiratory system, digestive system and immune system. This oil is also helpful to treat cough and cold. It helps in clearing the lungs and nasal passage. Besides, frankincense Essential Oil helps in regulating breathing and calm down seizures.

These are five popular essential oils you can use reduce your breathing problems. The best way to take advantage of the essential oil is to use the right type of diffuser. The diffuser is effective to disperse the oil in the right manner.