How Essential Oils Can Help You To Lead A Smoke-Free Life


Millions of people around the world try and quit smoking every year. There are various reasons for quitting as it helps to improve your overall health, get financial stability, reduces respiratory problems and so on. Even pregnant mothers are not suggested to smoke as it will be harmful to the growing baby. However, sticking to the goal is quite difficult. Research shows that 10 % of people who claim to quit smoking revert again after some time. If you are someone who has tried, many years to quit but you are unable to do so for various circumstances or peer pressure can try to inhale the essential oil. The Essential oils for skin do not only reduce stress and tension but also help people to lead a smoke-free life.

Essential Oils to Help Stop Smoking-

  • Black Pepper Essential Oil– Though it is not one of the common essential oils used, it is highly beneficial to reduce nicotine addiction. Research says that inhaling the black pepper essential oil mimics the effect of cigarette as it stimulates your respiratory system. However, there will be no adverse effect on smoking. This oil also reduces the adverse effects of withdrawal symptoms of smoking like nausea and anxiety. For the best varieties of essential oils, you can buy them from a reputed supplier like Essential Oil with Susana.
  • Lavender Essential Oil– Another important and popular type of essential oil is the lavender essential oil. This oil is very helpful to reduce anxiety and calm down your nerves. It also reduces tension generated in the central nervous system. Lavender oil is also helpful to treat various respiratory problems. Your lungs will recover fast with the help of lavender essential oil. Apart from these, the lavender essential oil is also beneficial to prevent restlessness and insomnia, reduce stress, boost up your immune system and improves your blood circulation.
  • Essential Oil Blend– one of the best blends of essential oil available in the market is the “ENERGY”. When you inhale this blend, it supports your respiratory system and reduces your headache too. These are some of the common symptoms of smoking. This blend is also helpful to enhance the energy levels and stimulates your mind as well. If you feel low due to the withdrawal effect of smoking, the energy blend will help you out. The ingredients make up the blend includes Peppermint essential oil, spearmint essential oil, Melissa essential, Tangerine essential oil and Rosewood essential oil.

How to Use the Essential Oils to Reduce Smoking

Whether you are using the essential oil for skin, or to stop smoking, it is better to use the diffusers. The best type of diffuser to reduce smoking is nebulizing diffuser. These high quality diffusers will fill the air with the smell of essential oil without the use of heat or water. Whenever you are craving for cigarettes, you can turn on the diffuser and fill your room with the wonderful aroma of the essential oils.

This is the way you can stay smoke-free for a long time. It is always better to buy pure quality essential oil so that you get the best benefits.