How To Choose The Best Face Cream As Per Your Skin Type And Needs


Nowadays, most of the men and women invest in various skincare products but to choose the right one as per your skin type and needs is complicated. Individuals do not understand the skincare buzzwords and the importance of the ingredients and they believe to pick the product depending upon the marketing trends and recommendations. Whether you want to buy the doterra face cream or something else, you must trust a reliable skincare brand like Essential Oil with Susana. The products offered by this brand cleanse, protect and hydrate your skin. The face creams bring glow from within.

Follow These below Tips to Pick the Best Face Cream as Per Your Skin Type and Skin Requirements

Understanding the Ingredients

If you feel tired to check the long list of ingredients written on the label of the face cream, you are not alone. Most of the face creams have a long list of ingredients having difficult names to read. So, you often ignore the ingredient names and buy the one that looks good in terms of packaging. As, per the reputed dermatologists, it is always important to go through first 5-7 ingredients. When buying the face cream, you must know what type of ingredients suit your skin.

Irritants and Allergens

It is obvious that not all the ingredients will suit your skin. If you have a sensitive skin type, the ingredients can cause allergy or irritation on your skin. For this, you should do a patch test by taking a small amount of cream and apply on a small portion. Or else, you can also buy the sample of the cream before you buy the full tube or bottle. If you are allergic to some ingredients, you must avoid them.

Do Not Believe In “Totally Organic”

“Organic” or herbal” creams are booming the market. Do not believe in these terms while you are buying the face creams as they are just for marketing. The face creams contain a certain amount of chemicals or preservatives that will keep the cream unspoiled for a long time. If you want to buy the organic products, you should check the ingredient list first.

Expensive Products Are Not Always Better

Yes, people think that expensive products are always good for your skin. But, it is not true all the time. Do not believe in the notion that expensive skincare products are best. They give similar results as your normal priced products do. So, before you buy a costly cream for your face; better to go through the reviews and ingredient list.

New and Improved One- Is the Bummer

If a company is claiming to launch a new and improved face cream with lots of skin benefits, it means you are the guinea pig. You might see that companies declare to provide new and more improved cream; it is just the marketing technique to grab more customers.

These are some simple tips you must follow to pick your best face cream for your skin type. Essential Oil with Susana provides the best Australian skincare products that are made with a combination of both skills and experience in the beauty industry.