How To Use The Essential Oils For Meditation And Yoga


Meditation and yoga are very important to relieve you from stress and tension. Meditation calms your mind and makes your soul and body refreshed. It is not just to escape from the daily chores, but it focuses on breathe and help you to become receptive to yourself, insights and high power. Everyone knows that meditation is powerful. It helps to reduce high pressure, calm your nerves and take your mind to a restful state. The doterra essential oils in Australia from skincare brand “Essential Oil with Susana” are best for meditation. These oils bring focus, instill spiritual connection and provide you ultimate relaxation. You can use one single variant of essential oil or the combination of two to make a blend and apply.

Here are three important essential oil blends that you can diffuse in your meditation room or apply on the soles of feet, temples of the head or your neck. It brings the personal experience of meditation.

1.The Breath Blend Variety

To make this blend, you can take 4 oz. of carrier oil and mix jojoba, sweet almond and grapeseed oil and 10 drops of Frankincense oil and 5 drops of Sweet Orange oil together. Mix and use it through the diffuser or directly on the skin. The Frankincense oil helps in deeper breathing and brings about a deeper meditative state. Sweet Orange oil brings better clarity and focus. This oil blend is very beneficial to relieve your stress and keep your mind free from stress and tension.

2. Go Deep Blend Variety

If you want to have deeper concentration and meditation, no other oil is good as like the Sandalwood essential oil. It is to believe that Sandalwood oil opens your third eye, connect your spirits with insights and right guidance. You can mix 4 oz. of any carrier oil with 10 drops of Sandalwood and Lemon essential oil for bringing utmost relaxation and energies. The combination of right grounding element along with the transcendent element connects you with the Mother Earth and Sky.

3.Stress-Free Blend Variety

For those days when you are going through too much stress and tension, you have lots of things in your list to complete, rush towards the meditation class and the main thing you want to do is to relax more than anything else does. For this, you can mix the 4 oz. of any variety of carrier oil with 10 drops of Lavender and Rosemary essential oil. The Lavender oil has the sedative features that will make your muscles relax and mind free from stress. Rosemary oil helps to keep you alert and reduce sleepiness.

Apart from these blends, you can also try out the meditation synergy blend that is the mixture of the Australian Sandalwood, tuberose, ylang-ylang, and the frankincense. This particular blend will keep you alert and enlightened.

Meditation helps to calm down your nerves, relax your body and reduce stress. You can buy the essential oil diffuser and diffuse these above-mentioned blends in your yoga room to get the best experience. You can get various essential oils from Essential Oil with Susana; one of the leading brands that offer Australian skincare products to the customers.