How You Can Use the Ultrasonic Essential Diffuser as a Pro


Diffusing essential oil is one of the most common and effective ways to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. If you are new to use the essential oil diffuser and wonder how to use the essential oil diffuser, here is the blog for you.

Most people like to buy the doTerra oil diffuser from Australia as it gives the best results. You can get such diffusers from Essential Oil with Susana. If you want to avail of essential oil benefits at home, diffusing the oil is the best way out.

What Are The Benefits Of Essential Oil Diffusing?

There are various benefits of diffusing essential oils. By diffusing, the molecules of the essential oils are directly inhaled through the nasal passage. Here are some of the reasons why you should do oil diffusing-

  1. Diffuser general spread the scent throughout the room
  2. Essential Oil diffuser helps in calming the mind, reduces stress and anxiety
  3. It helps in boosting up the immunity
  4. Helps in purifying or cleaning the air
  5. It promotes energy to focuses on oneself

Types of Essential Oil Diffusers

There are various types of oil diffusers available in the market, but the ultrasonic diffusers are the best ones. Here in this type of diffuser, the ultrasonic waves and water are used to disperse the air’s essential oils. They are available in various sizes, prices, and shapes. You can get the Lumo diffuser (ultrasonic diffuser) from Essential Oil with Susana. This diffuser suits your needs and budget. The Lumo diffuser has the wooden maple base in the bottom and several other light settings inspired by the natural elements. They provide a customized output.

How You Can Use the Ultrasonic Diffuser

Here is the stepwise guide about how you can use the ultrasonic diffuser in your home-

  1. Choosing The Location– choosing the location where you can place the diffuser is essential. You can choose an open area with a solid surface of the table to keep this diffuser. You will need the outlet for plug in. As water is used in this diffuser, it is better to have the placemat or the towel while using the diffuser on the wooden surface.
  2. Adding Water in the Diffuser– once you have placed the diffuser on the place, fill the diffuser with clean water with room temperature. Do not overfill the diffuser. Fill water till the marking is given.
  3. Adding The Essential Oil in the diffuser– it is one of the important steps to set up the diffuser. If you want to get a mild scent, you can add 2-3 drops of essential oil. You can use one single essential oil like lavender or use the blend, as per your choice. If you want to get a stronger scent, use 6-7 drops of essential oil.
  4. Turn on the diffuser- the last step is turning on the diffuser. You can check the user guide of the diffuser for better adjustment and functioning.

This is the guide to help you for future use of the essential oil diffuser in your home. For mood enhancement, you can use lavender oil or the blend of several essential oils together.