What Are the Top Essential Oils for Hair Growth?


Waiting for your hair to grow is much worse than watching paint dry. You might have the patience to observe the paint getting dry, but it is more than frustrating to wait for your hair to grow to your desired length. Many people try different chemical and natural blended products, but they hardly get satisfied in the end. However, if you are thinking about trying something entirely natural, you must shop Doterra essential oils in Australia.

According to many hair experts, essential oils can make a difference, which many popular commercial products fail to do so. Essential Oils With Susana have highlighted the following essential oils that improve hair growth to a great extent.


It is an essential oil with antimicrobial properties, which can also be found in a tea tree, yet with a more soft effect on the skin when applied topically. Lavender oil keeps soothing your scalp besides keeping your hair shaft and follicles clear of bacteria. Many researchers believe that the soothing effects come from the natural sedative properties present in this plant’s oil. We are all aware of the fact that hair becomes thin due to stress. Hence, it is advised to add some drops of this oil on the conditioner or shampoo before applying it on your scalp.


This is the most popular essential oil when it comes to hair care. Not only it improves growth, but it also provides strength to the hair. This oil works by improving cellular metabolism if applied topically, plus it bolsters hair growth by keeping the follicles active. To witness the best effect, it is advised to put five drops of rosemary oil on the scalp and massage it after coming out of the shower as well as it can be added to the conditioner or shampoo simultaneously. This oil is also considered suitable for the growth of brow hair as well. For brow, it is advised to add one drop of the rosemary oil on the washed brow before going to sleep.


Cedarwood essential oil is also recommended to keep your scalp healthy and happy. It stimulates blood circulation and, thus, prevents dry or flaky scalp and breakable hair.

Mixing two drops of essential oil into a teaspoon of coconut oil makes a hydrating and stimulating hair mask. Use your fingers to massage the mixture on your scalp and sit it out for 30 minutes before washing it out.