Taking Care of Acne-Prone Skin with the Goodness of Essential Oils


Acne-prone skin is a common problem for people of young ages. But, in the present times, it is widely observed that acne isn’t the problem of the young people with and hormonal changes or allergic reactions to dreadful weather flare-ups alone! With the lifestyle stress and pollution levels gone up to incredible degrees, our skin can tend to break out in different ways, which is well beyond adolescence. The best face cream in Australia, with the goodness of essential oils, can help deal with it.

Essential oils are an excellent boon for skin

The innumerable benefits of essential oils are already well-recognized. Right from helping to deal with issues faced with the different types of skin like oily, dry, sensitive, etc. to nourishing and replenishing your skin, essential oils do wonders. From reducing the fine lines or aging signs to lightening your epidermis, essential oils are instrumental in giving life to unhealthy and pale skin.

The catch is, you need to understand which type of oil suits your type of skin in the best possible manner and then explore its usage. Moreover, you also need to understand and identify that the properties of specific varieties of essential oils work best on particular problems. Therefore, those problems must receive specialized treatment and attention. Here are the benefits of using essential oils for pimple-free skincare treatment.

Essential oils help to prevent and also fight acne growth

According to dermatological experts, acne is a persistent problem. Their growth and origin on the skin surface are the results of excessive sebum production accumulating in hair follicles. In such follicles, bacteria infect the clogged pores, which give rise to a swollen blemish. Essential oils like tea tree help in clearing this inflamed acne as well as retarding their growth on the skin.

Most acne-fighting creams or solutions have the side effect of making the skin chappie or dry. But with the use of the soothing essential oils like rose oil, this can be taken care of as it contains Farnesol, which has the property to regulate the skin’s natural oil production and balance. Skincare products with essential oils with antiseptic and antibacterial properties like lavender, cedar, lemon, rosemary, etc. can also be very beneficial.

Essential oils help to deal with the acne scars too

The fight with the tiny pimple isn’t very short-lived. It is a very long one as you will also have to deal with the acne scars that are left on the skin surface even after the acnes are gone. Acne scars are born from the trauma the skin undergoes and collagen fibre that is either in a state of over or under production, resulting in noticeably pitted or raised scar tissues. Such scars are often the reason behind a blemished skin that tends to lower your self-confidence and, eventually, the self-esteem.

Most teenagers and young people tend to opt for chemical-based scar removal treatments or personal care products that harm their skin. Therefore, the best way to deal is looking for a wholly organic and natural way of dealing with scars once the acnes are gone. Skincare products that have oils like lavender, carrot seed, rosehip seed oil, and frankincense oil, etc. can be of great use.

If you have the problem of aces, using skincare products that have the benefits of essential oils like those from Essential Oil With Susana can effectively help you deal with it.