The Truth That You Want to Know About Weight Loss Shakes


The idea of meal replacement weight loss shakes is to replace your regular meals with low-calorie shakes. These shakes are meant to reduce energy intake while helping you to lose weight. Here at Essential Oils with Susana, we shall discuss a few things that you might want to know before swapping your meal out for shakes.

How weight loss shakes in Australia work?

These shakes are meant to facilitate weight loss at the same time conserving lean body mass. They use protein-based formulas, containing few carbohydrates and essential vitamins and minerals.

They are, in fact, very low energy diet, which takes in fewer calories than you use during daily activities and exercise. An average person requires about 8,700 calories per day in order to maintain body weight. When you are on a low energy diet, your calorie intake is limited to 1,800 to 2,500 calorie a day.

If you can stick to weight loss shakes, you will see results faster. When your total calorie intake is limited, the energy that gets stored in your muscles, begins to run low. Then there is no choice for your body but to burn fat for fuel.

Adults who are suffering from obesity are often suggested low energy diets. These shakes can help obese people lose a considerable amount of weight in a short span of time. This also helps improve medical problems.

Partial meal replacements

Meal replacement weight loss shakes can be partially added in your diet, replacing at least one or two meals a day. Or they can be used during fasting periods. However, it is important that you carefully manage when and how to incorporate them. The important thing is that you follow a healthy eating approach too because your body needs to get sufficient fibre, Vitamin B, iron, iodine, folate, zinc and essential nutrients.

If your diet involves meal replacement shakes, it is important that you consult a health professional before jumping into replacement shakes. In fact, you may need to have a blood test to check whether your liver is functioning well. Your doctor may get you a referral to a professional dietician.

Transition to eating healthy

Although meal replacement shakes are useful for many, the key to maintaining a healthy weight is to follow a particular eating pattern that you can stick to. If there is a healthier eating pattern in place, you will stay happier with the long-term results.

Weight loss shakes are no magic pills, and the results are short-term. If you are to achieve long-term weight loss, addressing your current lifestyle is a must. Factors like eating habits, lifestyle, the sleeping pattern can influence your diet.

An important point to remember: Weight loss shakes are very low energy diet and are not recommended for pregnant women, children, individuals with eating disorders, and those who take medications. For them, incorporating weight loss shakes in their diet may exacerbate their mental health condition.

Are they a healthy option?

What makes meal replacement shakes healthy is the quality of their micro and macronutrients. Having said that, if you have a goal to lose weight in a short time, dietary change and increased physical activities will get you success. Simply put, meal replacements are a smart choice if another effective weight loss program supports it.

In conclusion

Shakes are a better way of giving your body the required nutrition. If you are planning to drink replacement shakes in order to intake fewer calories, be sure to continue them because your weight might rebound once you stop drinking. Please do some research and consult your physician before incorporating them in your daily diet.