Things You Wanted to Know About Caring for Your Skin


You might have suspected all these years that you have either dry, oily, or sensitive skin, but are you sure about your skin type? Recognizing your skin type is the first step to taking care of your skin because unless you know the type of your skin, then whatever beauty products you buy, they will only offer you limited or negligible results.

Read on to know more about how to build a skincare routine and how to treat the various skin concerns in the right manner.

Daily Skincare Routine

Irrespective of the type of your skin, a daily skincare routine is always recommended by dermatologists for ensuring the best health of the skin. Following a specific skincare routine helps overcome concerns like acne, scarring, or dark spots without much hassle. A regular routine does not involve doing lots of things, but following four basic steps in the morning and before sleep can bring a lot of changes. Buying Doterra’s Australian beauty products is always a good choice as it is more natural and less chemical ingredients for taking care of your skin health.


The first thing is to select a cleanser that does not leave your skin tight after washing. Remember to avoid cleaning your face more than twice a day. At the same time, if you have dry skin, then you should clean once and avoid wearing makeup. Make sure to use cleanser not for the squeaky clean feeling because that takes away all the natural oil from the skin.


Dermatologists advise buying serums with peptides, vitamin C, or growth factors for using in the morning below sunscreen. During the night, prescription retinoid or retinol works in an ideal manner.


Well, oily skin also requires moisturizers, but it is advised to use the one that is lightweight, non-comedogenic, gel-based, or does not block the skin pores. Search for cream-based moisturizers that have received good reviews, if you have dry skin. You will find that the beauty products’ brands label it on the top of the item, whether it is gel-based or cream-based.


Make sure to choose a sunscreen of at least 30 SPF and use it 15 minutes before going out under the sun. The reason is you need to activate the sunscreen so that it can protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Moreover, people with darker skin tones need more protection from the sun because hyperpigmentation is not an easy thing to correct. In this case, choose a dermatologist-recommended sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum of UV/UVB protection for your skin’s best interest.

In the end, it is also advised to select skin products that suit your skin type and sensitivity. Particular products like retinol or prescription retinoids must be applied at night only. For more information regarding quality Australian beauty products, contact Essential Oils With Susana for more information regarding skincare products.