Top 3 Essential Oils And Their Uses


Essential oils have been in use since the ancient period. So this is not something very new. However earlier the oils were not extracted commercially. Rather the medicine man used to collect different types of such oils from the bark, seeds, flowers, and leaves of various types of plants and trees. In modern days a lot of the common people have become aware of such oils. This has become possible because nowadays those essential oils are now manufactured on a commercial basis. People who actually are aware of such oils use it in different ways to get rid of a lot of varieties of medical problems. However different essential oils have different uses. To know about those read the below-given points.

Tea tree oil-

If you are really suffering from skin burn, rashes or pimples then tea tree oil is the best solution you can avail. It helps to retain your natural beauty. There are a lot of places where tea is grown. But then the tea tree oil of Australia is said to be of the best quality. Using the Essential oils for skin can certainly help to get rid of a lot of different types of skin problems. Not only that, it can also help to decrease depression, frustration, and tension.  The tea tree oil is known for having antiviral, anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties. So this gives a cooling effect while applying on the skin. But then you must make it a point to mix a few drops of the oil with a carrier oil or a little bit of water. Diluting the oil is very important.


This is another essential oil which is loaded with various types of medicinal properties. There are a lot of varieties of products which include eucalyptus oil in it. The most used products are the phenyl, soap, shampoos and even mosquito repellents. But then many of the people have a very little idea about its use in curing different types of medical property. Apart from that if your house is infested with mites, weeds, bacteria you can use this special type of oil to get rid of those. If you suffer from problems like the common cold, sneezing, and coughing then you can certainly choose this oil in different ways that would provide you the required treatment. However, you should make it a point t purchase from a reputed brand like Essential Oil with Susana.

Rosemary oil-

This is another popular type of essential oil. The smell of the herb is beautiful. And if you have already used the herb in preparing any dish then you would certainly have an idea about the smell of it. Apart from using it in food, this particular herb has a lot of benefits. This is one of the widely used herb to get topical medical benefits. This oil is mostly used as a stimulant. So when inhaled inadequate amount it certainly increases the heart rate, respiratory rate and also the blood pressure. This actually boosts the immune system. Apart from that it also decreases the stress level as it controls the stress hormone. You can also combine a different essential oil like rosemary and eucalyptus. This will give eccentric, forest smell.

Thus these are the three most important essential oils that can be used for various reasons. If you ever plan to purchase the essential oils make sure get these three.